AdamEve&Apple is a Digital Marketing and Corporate Identity Development Company which believes in consistency in everything your customer sees and hears about your business. We offer every possible Digital Marketing service and Corporate Identity required for your business from Audio to Visual under one hood like no other.

We are a pool of passionate and experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds specialising in Digital Marketing, Graphic designing, IT and Music Production. Despite our diversity, our work always demonstrates an unmistakable English twist. Most of us came from a school which had a motto "Disce aut Discede" in Latin means “Learn or Leave”. Having a principle is what our school taught us and our principle in this business is “Do it right from Scratch” we always start things from scratch if we do something wrong we start all over again, no shortcuts no turning backs.

Come under the shade of The Tree of Knowledge to make your brand recognisable as a whole by keeping a coherent Corporate Identity and visible online presence



Our vision is to make digital marketing accessible to every SME’s in the world.


The mission of AdamEve&Apple is to provide accountable digital marketing and branding solutions to our clients and engage with them in an ongoing basis to monitor and improve their brand performance. We seek to utilise the five human senses within relevant industries and develop consistency techniques to avoid brand strategy conflicts. We will be committed towards establishing our mission by having the right team for the right work in hand.

Why Choose AdamEve&Apple

Here are a list of reasons why we feel that we are the best at what we do.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is some thing that we take very seriously in managing our customer relationships. As a business we understand that retaining a customer is a lot easier than acquiring one so we adopt a policy "Once a customer, always a customer".

We are proud to say that we retained all our customers in our short tenure in the market you could see our customer testimonials as to how happy they are with our services.

London is one of the busiest cities in eastern europe and it is the economic hub of the United Kingdom. We operate from an office based in south of London and our office is located at a very accessible location.
We are a full service agency and we can offer every possible digital marketing requirement that your business require. Often customers come to us for a service tend to stay with us for a long time.
We are proud of our team, most of us from different professional backgrounds but the one thing that is common to all of us is the passion that we have for Digital Marketing. We are a small team and this gives us the freedom to be unconventional and explore new ideas.
We understand that online marketing is a tough game and all the companies are trying to put their business in front of their clients in one way or the other. But often they tend to forget that the internet users are not coming online to be bombarded with marketing messages so we always take extra care not to annoy your potential clients.

AdamEve&Apple Working Process For a Digital Marketing Campaign

This is the part where you tell us what you want

We believe that understanding our customers requirement is the most important in achieving what they expect us to achieve. Without a greater knowledge of client requirement a campaign or project could seriously deviate from its purpose.

We take a clinical approach towards understanding a clients requirement, because the requirements brief is divided into three parts. The first one is sent out to you in an email or you can find it here- it is a pre meeting brief where the clients tell us what they are expecting from us briefly which we will use to gather knowledge about the clients industry and business in preparation of the meeting. The second brief which we prepare during the meeting is the most important one, here every detail of the projects will be discussed and agreed upon, in some cases we understand that some start-up businesses (Most of our Clients) may not have enough knowledge on digital marketing so these meetings might take up to two days but we never compromise on preparing a comprehensive brief. The final brief will have the amendments that the clients requested after we submit our proposal to them.

We are often praised by our clients to the approach we take to understand the client brief and we know that we are doing this right.

Here is all the magic happens

Endless brainstorming sessions for creative ideas, scenario analysis to understand every possible scenarios, schedule management to make sure that the project completes with a few days to spare from the agreed timeline, and scope management to control the project always stays within its scope all this happens here.

We call it inception because we treat every project as a start for something special. We also take due care to understand any flows in the project or campaign in an attempt to weed-out any possibility of any unexpected surprises. Based on the findings from our brainstorming sessions and scenario analysis we choose the best possible idea and prepare a campaign strategy for a digital marketing campaign.

At this stage of the campaign we keep our eyes and years open for any new ideas, we dont want to reject an idea purely because we went too far on a different idea and regret that decision later. Our decision making process is internally known as "regret-free decision making" just to remind every decision maker that if you are not sure about a decision it is ok to pause and think it through again.

This is where all the action happens

We always test our plan and strategy in a specified market segment to see how the campaign performs out in the market before going all-out with the plan and implementing it. This will eliminate the finest possibility of an ineffective digital campaign.

We have certain tools to measure performance of our campaign and this would tell us whether everything is going as planned.

The most important part of our campaign

There is no point in planning and executing a plan with the required measures. Measuring performance would give us an indication on whether we achieved the set goals of the campaign and tell us how we can do it more efficiently and effectively next time.

In our performance evaluation meeting with the clients we will go thorough all positive and negatives of the completed digital marketing campaign and often give them tips and guidelines on how to carry their digital brand going forward.

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