Admin Pannel

We give you complete control over your online shop. You can add, remove, edit products and departments, change prices, upload images without the need of a developer.

Intuitive Shopping Cart Design

A clean shopping cart design with product recommendations, related products and bundle offer deals to increase your online shop revenue.

Social Media Integration

Every product will be connected to social media, which enables site visitors to share and comment about a product they like with their friends which would generate a lot of social buzz.

Stock Management

Stock module is included in the admin pannel, which enables you manage your stock effectively and inform customers about stock availability and avoid disappointments.

Analytics & reporting

Site administrator will have access to financial records of the online shop and can use various filters and tools to analyse the performance of the shop.

Additional features

Accounting Modules

If you prefer to have a comprehensive accounting module in your admin pannel, we can develop a customised accounting module for your business. Since this is custom built you can consult with your account and request special features to be included (ie - Flat rate VAT Scheme) we can even give access to your accountant so you dont have to to worry about your accounting anymore.

EPOS Integration

If your online business is linked to a physical retail outlet we can develop an EPOS and integrate it with your online shop for easy stock and accounts management. This would give you great control over your business and you will not loose out on price variations and wastage.

Custom features

Whatever you business requires for its smooth operation we will be able to develop and integrate it to your online shop.


Waste no more time

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