Unlimited Logo Concepts

We believe logo is not just a design its a concept, a concept that all your business activities could be based upon. So we do not limit the options available to you just because you couldn't afford a price.

Unlimited Logo Revisions

Once we decide on a specific concept logo we will provide with unlimited rounds of logo revisions to come up with the design that suits your business.

A Slogan that works with the logo

Slogan or Tagline is a key phrase that helps to identify your business by capturing the essence of your mission, promise and brand of your business. Here in AdamEve&Apple we create great Slogans that capture your customer’s eyes at glance.

Corporate Identity Guidelines

Logo on its own is no good if you do not know how to use your logo. We will provide you with a complete corporate identity guidlines documents with all the do's and dont's to set an international standard to your logo.

Print & Web Ready Artwork Files

Final logo will be provided in print and web ready files and any other format that is requested by the client.

Additional Features

Animated Logo

Animated Logo Design is the next quantum leap from traditional two-dimensional Static Logo Design in Visual Corporate Identity Development. Here in ADAMEVE&APPLE we set free the versatility of your Visual Identity to work across different mediums such as websites, screens and power point presentations.

Sonic Logo Design

Sonic Logo is a memorable audio signature consists of a short series of notes or a musical piece which your customers can associate with your brand instantly. Even if one is not particularly paying attention the catchiness and recognisability of a sonic logo has the potential to reach your customers almost anywhere.

Waste no more time

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Pricing Table

Logo Design

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Logo Animation


Sonic logo