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Our PPC Process

Decide on strategy & objectives

We help you define your pay-per-click objectives, target market and develop a realistic strategy with you that will help you achieve the desired results at an affordable cost per click (CPC).

Keyword Research

We will perform all the necessary keyword research to develop tightly themed campaigns and adgroups of relevant search phrases to target for your products and/or services.

Advert Copywriting

We will create highly targeted and relevant copy for your adverts to maximise click through rates (CTR), increasing your relevancy and lowering your average CPC whilst keeping in tone with your brand.

Optimisation & Bid Management

Effective and continued optimisation is key to the success of PPC. Manual and automatic bid adjustment, keyword and match type expansion, ad copy trialling and landing page optimisation are all important ways to increase conversion rates.

Tracking & Reporting

We offer a variety of solutions from free integrated tracking and analytic tools such as Google Analytics, to more advanced automatic bid management and analytic solutions for enterprise level clients. All solutions allow for analysis and optimisation at keyword level.

Waste no more time

If you want us to call and discuss about optimising your website please fill-out this form we will call at your convenience.


Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is a form of search-based advertising in which search queries, user activity, browser history and many other factors trigger adverts that are more relevant to the user. These adverts can appear as many times as required, but the vendor, or publisher of the advert, is only charged each time a user clicks on the advert and that’s what made this a trillion dollar industry. This is by far the best form of advertising to bring genuine, potential customers to a website and only pay for results.

Regardless of its effectiveness amateur internet marketers fall behind in this game and loose precious marketing dollars in their online marketing campaigns. There are many valid questions that needs answering before we start a campaign, one of Internet marketing’s important questions is whether it makes sense to put a marketing budget toward search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click advertising (PPC) our expert opinion is that there should be a perfect mix between SEO and PPC, SEO must be planned with a long term focus and PPC can be used to get a boosted exposure of your brand, product or service at a given period.

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