Content Updates

There is no question that your web site needs to stay fresh, a website on its own would not serve any good if the contents are not up to date, we provide a simple solution to the clients based on their frequency.

Website backups

Website backups would sound all that simple but on a content heavy website it is paramount important important that you take frequent backups in case of a server crash or any other disturbance to your site.

Website Upgrades

We can perform upgrades for your website, and provide patches to websites created from WordPress and Joomla.

Managed Hosting

We provide managed web hosting service to all our clients. Our web hosting solution is very simple and does not require your attention at all. We provide a monthly uptime report and including website performance elements on the web.

Waste no more time

If you want us to call and discuss about optimising your website please fill-out this form we will call at your convenience.

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